Too Many Wolves

The best night of the year, is finally here

My new love, grab the hiking gear, wine and towel

tonight the wolf king will howl

Come with me, away

Through the moon soaked bay

where the forest swallows the road and

the darkness turns to vapor, the pines are ink and paper


Grab my hand through these bushes, take your shoes off for these cobbles

Stop here at this cliff, look down I insist


for the wolf of the grotto

Once a year he appears

silver-fire seared

uhh what

another wolf has appeared


okay that one’s not as cool but just ignore that and gaze

On the wolf king ablaze

Leaving glowing ashes behind, the best of his kind

Stalks to the crest of the grotto and inhales, a bristling flame to its tail

The whole forest curves for the wolf’s scream without words

I grab your hand tighter for the wolf king’s howl, the dry night’s lighter

wait why is it stopping

ahh some more wolves just showed up

okay this is starting to be

too many wolves


okay i don’t know why there’s randomly, such a calamity

this number-of-wolves depravity

but let’s agree to move on

and focus on the wolf king’s song

Ah! A tension from his snout to his rear, it would appear

the Wolf King will, through his subjects irritating chatter, howl still

Come in close, my dear, ignore that other wolf peeing and hear

sonic perfection, piercingly clear, the moment it swallows the world is so near

wait what a bunch of wolves just walked in front of him

jesus christ

sorry, this is embarrassing


oh perfect now they’re doing their little howls too

whatever, this night’s a bust, let’s go home

I’m fine, I don’t care

thanks a lot, wolves