The King's Clown

The King’s Clown Manggugg is watching the Prince

eyes glazed, a drooling stare, this hunchback thinks

and Prince Goodabs subtle-smiles, the crowd goes wild


handsome sneezes, the duchess in front pleased

all feastgoers gaze, Prince’s royal pinky raised

and three thick hours all knights and lords and ladies

keep rictus grins through Prince Goodabs’ routine


Ah shit he paused, and they forgot to applause

the crowd silently prays, no brown bag days

the days for wearing bags with dicks on, drawn


the prince’s lil’ chin butt is trembling uh oh

he’s really gonna nuclear bomb explode

he’s peed on everyone’s dishes before


then the prince stopes and stares

the crowd looks over there and


manggugg’s got his cheeks out

he’s caked to the gods, how


manggugg grabs a butt

and pulls it, abrupt

making a little boing


the prince flips the table

laughs, “fart if you’re able”

and mangugg makes his day

the crowd is saved